November 16, 2020

Answering 4 Common Questions Regarding Divorces

A divorce is always a troublesome event for any family that has to go through it. While some go through it relatively smoothly, others face trouble—sometimes even facing threats and fights before the divorce is finalized.

If you are thinking about going through a divorce, you may have plenty of questions in your mind. For example, you might be wondering how many assets you will be able to keep, whether it be a fifty-fifty split or whatever it is that is agreed to. This is one of the common questions that is repeatedly asked by individuals facing a divorce—and for a good reason too.

In this article, we will tackle as many questions as possible to help you decide once and for all if you want to go through with a divorce.

1. How long does a divorce take?

There is no set time as to how long a divorce procedure will take to complete. After all, many factors can shorten or lengthen the entire process.

Generally speaking, an uncontested divorce will be completed much faster, finishing in as quickly as three months or less. “Uncontested” means that both parties are quick to agree to circumstances, making the procedure finish quicker. On the other hand, contested divorce takes a lot more time because one or both parties disagree. In this case, it can take several months or even longer, depending on how long it takes for the parties to finally resolve the divorce.

2. How many assets am I entitled to?

In many cases, assets and liabilities will be divided equally to you and your former spouse. However, there are still factors that can change this number. For example, only marital property, which are assets accumulated during the marriage, will be distributed. Pre-marital items, assets accumulated before marriage, will be generally awarded to their respective owners.

3. How will child support be calculated?

Many factors will be considered when calculating child support from both parents. This can include the individuals’ income, health insurance and day care costs, and how many overnights a parent spends with the children. There is no fixed number, so expect to run through plenty of calculations to find the right number.

4. How long can the children stay with either parent?

In many cases, the time spent with both parents can be equal, meaning fifty-fifty. However, various factors will be considered to play a role in how long a child will stay with either parent. Some factors brought by the law or even the judge’s discretion can affect the outcome of the case.


Divorce is time-consuming, expensive, and draining for anyone and everyone that is affected by it. It is something that, unfortunately, happens too often.

If you are dealing with a toxic relationship, a divorce might be the answer to your problem. That being said, do take the time and effort to fix things up first, whether to talk things out with your spouse or find help. If nothing improves, we hope we have answered the questions above to help you finally decide whether you want to go through with a divorce.

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