March 25, 2021

Reasons to Stay Away From Social Media When Settling Your Divorce

Over the years, the internet has grown to become a significant part of everyone’s lives. Now, most people can’t go twenty-four hours without checking their social media accounts to find out the latest news about their family, their friends, their country, and the rest of the world.

When couples go through a divorce, it’s an unfortunate time in both parties’ lives that it may be best to stay offline for the time being. While you’re handling the proceedings with your lawyer, you should steer clear from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms you used to check every day. Staying away from social media is an important piece of advice that divorce lawyers often tell their clients, especially if you want to avoid facing more problems than what’s already in front of you. 

Keep reading below to find out why updating your social media platforms can put you at risk while facing a divorce. 

The Statements You Make Will Put You at a Disadvantage 

Social media serves as a free space for online users to voice out their opinions, regardless if they care about what the public thinks or not. But when you’re going through a divorce, it may not be the brightest idea to go on Facebook or Twitter and share your thoughts out in the open. 

The posts you make could be held against you in court and place you in a tighter situation than before. When what you previously claimed in front of the judges is different from your statements online, the court will begin to question you. It is already a huge mistake to lie, but when you get caught online for it, your case could end up badly for your side.  

The Pictures and Expenses You Share Online Can Affect Your Case 

An essential part of any divorce proceeding is the couple’s finances, including your shared and individual savings. When you tell the court that you don’t have enough funds to raise the kids on your own once your partner leaves, but your posts on social media say otherwise, you could be in big trouble. 

Your latest travel pictures on Facebook or Instagram can contradict what you shared with the judge if you aren’t careful about the things you post online. As such, to avoid any confusion, it would be better to lay low and get off social media during the divorce settlement case. 

The Posts You Make About Your Ex Can Be Seen By Your Loved Ones

In the event that your marriage ends badly, it isn’t right to talk about it on social media, on platforms where your friends and family, and even your kids can see it. No matter what happens, your partner is still your child’s parent, so it will help to avoid talking bad about them.

Despite the divorce, the chances are that you will require your ex’s help to continue funding your kids’ future, especially when you don’t have enough savings to continue raising them independently. Even if the relationship did not end on good terms, you could at least attempt to remain civil with your ex-partner for the sake of your children. 


The internet and social media have brought plenty of positive effects to people’s lives because they can conveniently consume information wherever and whenever they want. However, when it comes to divorce proceedings, with all the stress and problems you’re bound to face, you should avoid social media entirely until the case is closed. Moreover, you have to make sure to hire a reliable divorce lawyer that can represent you and fight for you to help you win your case.  

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