September 16, 2021

How to Determine If Your Spouse Is Hiding Assets for Divorce

Marriage is a choice—anyone who has been married for more than a few years can tell you how difficult of a choice it can be. That said, while some people are able to find reasons to keep making that choice, others may find themselves needing to step away from the marriage. Unfortunately, the realization does not make the decision to end the marriage easier. 

This is when things can become quite messy. Money, properties, and assets can be difficult subjects to open up even before the end of a relationship. If one person decides that the marriage is over before the other, a likely scenario is that they can start preparing for divorce well ahead of their spouse. This often manifests in hiding assets away for themselves and separate from the marriage. This can ensure that they will have more to keep once the relationship is officially over. 

Here are some signs to look out for to know if your spouse is hiding away assets to prepare for divorce:

Overpaying Debts or Paying Unknown Debts

It’s good practice to keep track of all your debts as a couple. This not only helps with your own security and peace of mind but it also helps you understand your finances better. 

Noticing the first signs of cracks in your marriage might blind you to looking at other aspects of your life together. But if you’re aware of the damage in your relationship and money is already a big concern, it would be wise to pay attention to your debts.

Pay attention to the amount of money they’re paying for debts or unfamiliar debts. This is one of the most common places your spouse can start hiding away money. 

Going on Sudden and Unexplained Trips

Trips, whether it’s one day or several are not taken without discussion, especially when you’re married. Frequent unexplained trips are a big red flag, especially if communication has become a problem in your relationship. When your spouse is frequently gone for days or even just a day, it’s time to start investigating where they’re going and how much they’re spending.

Of course, those trips may or may not be luxury getaways, but that begs the question of what they’re doing and where the money they’re spending is going. This is a common tactic that people often use to hide away assets, either through “travel agencies” or simply putting money in a faraway account.

Making Expensive Purchases without Your Knowledge

Since your assets and accounts are tied together, it’s important that you both inform each other whenever you’re making a big purchase, regardless of your current situation. When your spouse decides to bypass that and go ahead with buying expensive things, it’s already a bad sign. If they go out of their way to hide it from you, it should raise alarms.

There are plenty of expensive items they can purchase now and sell later. There is also a possibility, just like with the frequent unexplained trips that the money is not actually being spent, rather hidden in plain sight by buying expensive things. Be sure to watch out for suspicious or luxury items in your home if you’re currently caught in a situation like this with your spouse.


Finding out that your spouse is not just hiding but actually money and assets away from you can be devastating. In the state of Florida, this act is not without its consequences. That’s why it’s important to look out for the signs and hire professionals to confirm your suspicions. Once you have the necessary information and evidence you need to prove this, it’s best to contact a divorce lawyer immediately, for your safety and security.

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