November 26, 2021

All the Basics about Collaborative Divorce in Florida

Sometimes, a relationship may not go the way a couple has envisioned it to be. While the start of their marriage may have been smooth sailing without any problems in mind, the current state of their relationship may show otherwise. The thing about legal unifications is that it takes a lot of decision-making and sacrifice to maintain. If one or both members of the couple start to show signs of giving up, it may be time to file for a divorce.

It is not uncommon for married couples here in Florida to file for it if they feel that their relationship has gone stale and is now going nowhere. While there are instances when a relationship may still be fixed, things do not always go according to plan. The only viable option they have would be to separate legally to prevent further harm with their bond.

If you happen to be going through a rocky stage in your marriage as well, and you and your supposed lifetime partner are thinking of filing for a divorce, you may want to learn a few basic things about this specific legal process. We have listed several helpful information below for your reference.

Both of You May File for an Uncontested Divorce

The most common misconception about divorce is that it always ends up in a mess, the couple is in constant fights, or that they can no longer stand each other’s presence. While that may be the case most of the time, the fact is that some couples are actually agreeable when it comes to ending their marriage. This means that they have no conflict and no hatred with one another; instead, they just have reached the point of feeling no love like they used to. In such a case, an uncontested divorce is something that they can undergo.

Going through this legal procedure is much quicker since both parties had already reached a compromise, even before they had filed for it.

Both of You May File for a Collaborative Divorce

While some divorces may be settled in a very agreeable and peaceful manner, sometimes, things may not be so great between both parties. In such a case, the couple would have to reach an agreement and a compromise, a combination of both wherein there will be no winners or losers, only a common goal.

This is more applicable to couples that already have kids. The topics of child support and visitation rights would come into play for the sake of the child’s well-being, despite their parents’ separation.

Both of You May Negotiate the Terms of Your Divorce

The divorce process isn’t one-sided in the eyes of the law. The involved parties must be able to agree and compromise if they want the process to be quick and painless, to the point that they wouldn’t have to spend too much money in its processing. Of course, this isn’t done with them alone. Their divorce attorneys have to be with them during the negotiation so that none of them would be getting a bad deal.

If there are assets to be discussed, those will also be settled as well, so as to avoid any possible conflicts along the way.


The process of divorce can go both ways. If things aren’t discussed in a proper manner, both parties may end up with a mess that would only worsen their conflict. On the other hand, it may also go in a very agreeable manner, wherein the former couple can discuss and negotiate about their situation with the help of their divorce attorneys. If the topics of child support, visitation rights, and assets would be settled then and there, both parties would never have to worry about anything else moving forward.

By familiarizing yourself with the technicalities of collaborative and uncontested divorce, you and your partner may have a smooth process without any possible signs of conflict along the way.

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