January 21, 2022

When Is the Right Time to Hire a Divorce Attorney?

 If you are considering getting a divorce in Jacksonville or any other part of Florida, consider consulting with an attorney before you move forward. Commencing your divorce without seeking legal counsel can lead to complications that can cause major issues; these issues could be avoided by speaking with an attorney who can advise you on what to expect and whether hiring a divorce attorney is the right step for you.

Divorce attorney consultation will help you to learn about specific issues that commonly arise in divorce cases and the dos and don’ts. It will also allow for points of view and advice that are particular to your situation. 

Read on to learn more about signs that it’s the right time to hire a divorce attorney:

Abuse Or Domestic Violence Happened

An unfair divorce settlement can easily happen when an abusive partner becomes particularly manipulative. He or she will have no qualms dominating and/or intimidating you. Equal ground simply does not exist when there have been incidents of abuse or domestic violence. Having a divorce attorney goes beyond making sure things are settled well, it also helps in terms of security.

Joint Corporation or Business Involved

It can be tough to make corporate or business decisions when personal life gets in the way. Splitting things up during a divorce can get messy, tricky or both. Under these circumstances, an attorney can help you and your soon-to-be former spouse create a plan that works out well for both of you.

Many Complicated Issues

When you are going through a divorce, you must know what the divorce laws say. Especially if the following are up for (likely heated) discussion: 

  • Alimony
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Property division
  • Timesharing

A divorce attorney will be extremely familiar with the divorce laws of the state, since they tend to vary.

There Are Young Children To Consider

Most good divorce lawyers are aware that having children can be a major factor in a divorce, and if you foresee a child timesharing dispute or other child-related disputes, a divorce lawyer could help you settle them. Unfortunately, there are plenty of child-related issues that trigger parents to the point of arguments and outright bickering. 

A great way for the issues to be handled and mediated is through having a divorce attorney at hand.

Things Are Not Well Between You and Your Spouse

If irreconcilable differences exist between spouses, it may be challenging for them to reach a settlement without someone mediating. Couples that reach a point where they can’t work together and agree on matters such as asset distribution, spousal support if any and/or child-related matters will need professional help. Irreconcilable differences will be navigated best with a divorce attorney’s help.


Going through a divorce already comes with quite a bit of stress. Major complications can arise if divorce proceedings happen without previous legal counsel, particularly with a divorce attorney. Clear signs that it’s time to hire a divorce attorney include abuse or domestic violence, many complicated issues and there are young children to consider.

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