May 27, 2022

Common Myths About Divorce That Need to Be Cleared Up

Divorce is rarely a comfortable experience, but for some, it can be a relaxing one. However, divorce myths are prevalent among even the most casual observer. We’ve assembled five of the most common myths to help you understand the reality.

Common Myths About Divorce That Need to Be Cleared Up

1 – Mothers Always Get Custody

Studies show that mothers are more likely to be awarded physical custody than fathers are, but fathers are not automatically destined to be single parents. Many factors come into play in determining custody arrangements, and the outcome of a custody battle is never a given.

2 – It’s better to stay married “for the sake of the kids.”

It is never a good idea to live in a marriage that is in conflict or that you are unhappy with. Children do best in homes that are stable, nurturing, and happy. Even if your kids would be best off with two parents staying together, you should still be thinking about what you want and need, not what’s best for your children.

3 – Divorce Is Someone’s Fault

When it comes to the end of a marriage, the truth is that it’s rarely one person’s fault. There are always contributing factors and events that lead to a divorce, so it may be better to think of divorce as something that happens between two parties rather than as a reason to blame one or the other.

4 – A Couple Can’t Co-Parent Without Having a Relationship

Divorce doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. Many parents, especially those who didn’t have a good relationship during the marriage, don’t think that they can co-parent effectively. That’s not true. You can co-parent with your ex-spouse even if the marriage is over completely. While co-parenting can be difficult and even emotionally draining, it can also be rewarding and beneficial to both you and your child.

5 – Couples Who Divorce Carry a Lot of Regrets

Regret is a common emotion in the face of divorce, but regret isn’t always present, and it can be brief. A good way to determine how much regret you will have is to think about how long your marriage was happy. If your marriage was unhappy for a long time before it ended, you are likely to have less regret than someone who had a short but happy marriage before it ended.

6 – It Is Better to Wait Until Children Are Older

The general consensus seems to be that the older the children, the easier the divorce will be. The truth is that no matter how old the children are, you still need to take your time to grieve, get a lawyer, and prepare for the coming changes.


Divorce has become much more prevalent in our modern society, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with its own set of myths and assumptions. To ensure that you can avoid some of the common myths about divorce and what this process entails, it is a good idea to contact an attorney today.

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