January 30, 2012

How Long Does Divorce Take?

Article By: William Dorsey
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Getting a Divorce in FloridaDoes a divorce take long?

As divorce attorneys, we understand that you want to know long your divorce will take.  We get that question all of the time; after all, you likely want to get through the pain and frustration and get your life back on track as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, in general, it’s tough to give a specific answer because all cases, issues and people are different.  However, we’ll try.

How Long Does Divorce Take?  The Bottom Line.

The bottom line on the time frame of divorce depends 100% on the two individuals, the courts, and the attorneys.

  • If there is a lot of fighting, anger, and asset settlement issues, a divorce can take many years.
  • If there is no fighting and no asset settlement issues, a divorce can take as little as a few weeks to six months.
  • Court backlogs can cause delays, especially if you and your spouse can’t reach settlement and alimony agreements and choose to litigate.  A quality divorce attorney can give you an idea of the current backlog in your court.

How to Keep Delay and Cost of the Divorce to a Minimum


There is much you can do to keep the delay (and fees) of a divorce to a minimum.

  • The more amicable you and your spouse, the quicker the divorce.  Do not use your attorneys to battle your marital issues and anger.

Consider using a talk therapist instead.  It’s normal to be angry, hurt, and scared and it’s normal to need to talk about it.  In addition to the legal process of divorce, there is an emotional process of letting go.  The more you and your spouse can let go emotionally, the faster the legal process will be.

Just know that you won’t always feel the pain that you likely feel now.  It will get better.  An average for moving on and healing is 18 months after a break-up.  That’s the emotional divorce.  The better you handle the emotional divorce, the better you’ll be able to handle the legal divorce.

  • Think about why you won’t agree to something in the divorce process.  For example, is it really an important issue; or, are you objecting to express your anger?
  • Disclose all assets and income at the outset. Discovery of these matters through the court can be time consuming and costly.
  • Hire a qualified divorce lawyer, who has years of experience and guides people like you through divorce every day.  Do not hire a general practice attorney or let your cousin or friend, who happens to be an attorney, represent you.

Where to Get Help

If you are considering legal separation or divorce, it is in your best interest to get qualified legal assistance from a licensed divorce attorney.  Your attorney will guide you through the process; answer your questions; and advocate for your legal rights, financial, and emotional well-being (and that of your children.)

We can provide you with an initial consultation to learn your rights and give an estimate of how long your divorce may take.  Your next step is to contact our office at (904)346-3883 or info@dorseylawjax.com.  You are not alone.

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